The Royal Astronomical Society’s magazine Astronomy & Geophysics published a collection of articles on women and the RAS in 2016. This marked 100 years since women were first allowed to become Fellows.

Astronomy & Geophysics is free for Fellows and Fellowship starts at just £1 for students.

There is also a lot more information on the A&G Forum, which can be viewed by anyone.  

The collection includes:

Women of the future in the RAS by Karen Masters

Persistent pioneers: from 1916 to the present by Sue Bowler

Where are the women of the RAS? by Sue Bowler

Women and the RAS: 100 years of Fellowship by Mandy Bailey

Gazing at the starry heavens: Caroline Herschel by Michael Hoskin

Mary Somerville on Scottish banknotes by Sue Bowler

21 Women: portraits to celebrate a centenary by Sue Bowler

Mary Somerville: pioneering pragmatist by Allan Chapman

Margaret Huggins and Tulse Hill Observatory by Barbara J Becker

Anne Sheepshanks: patron, benefactor, sister by Mark Hurn

From Scotch maid to innovative astronomer: Williamina Fleming by Sue Nelson

Annie Jump Cannon, stellar astronomer by Sue Bowler

Agnes Mary Clerke: stars, systems, problems by Sarah Russell

Maunder and Clerke medals by Sue Bowler

The lady astronomers of Victorian Britain by Allan Chapman

Selenography and variable stars: Mary Blagg by Jeremy Shears

Making a career from outreach: Mary Proctor by Siân Prosser

A pioneer of solar astronomy: Annie Maunder by Silvia Dalla and Lyndsay Fletcher